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Music Video: Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

Two Door Cinema Club are back (and better) with their new music video ‘Sleep Alone’ – Upbeat, funky, and with a tune that you’ll wanna groove to. This explains why they get so much love.

Remember to keep a lookout for their soon-to-be-released album ‘Beacon’.

You can preorder ‘Beacon’ now.


Obedient Wives Club

‘Obedient Wives Club’, as its name suggests, is definitely not a club that teaches wives to be obedient, or anything close. Quit guessing already as you might never get it right, so allow me to give you hints. There are five members in the ‘club’, their weapon of choice are guitars, drums, microphones, and sometimes keyboards. You get it now? Good.

They have been creating waves in the Singapore music scene with their fuzzed out sound ever since it was started out in September 2011 by Keith Tan (Guitarist), who later brought in YinQi Lee as the band’s vocalist. You’ll be enchanted by her singing, just like many other happy victims who went to their gigs. The band was completed by Sulaiman Supian (Bassist), Lennat Mak (Drummer), and Cherie Ko the second guitarist.

Keith has an addiction to the likes of Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls, Frankie Rose and The Outs, and it’s no wonder ‘Obedient Wives Club’ adopted lo-fi Spectorgaze as their music DNA. Have a listen at them, let the music enters your ears, flows through your body, and stirs up your emotions. It’s nutrition for your soul.

And did I mention they have a mission? That is “to bring fuzzed out girl group indie pop that is missing from the Singapore indie scene.” I say mission accomplished! Toast to that!

If you’re keen to find out out more,

My Virgin Entry

It’ll be rude of me to not acknowledge anyone who’s reading this right now so, “Hi! How are you?”

Anyway, many of you (Who am I kidding? Probably less than a handful) might be wondering what is blog about? Well, I can tell you this is going to be my virtual voice, and I’ll be writing pretty much about anything and everything – whatever comes to my mind. My idea of blogging is similar to that of photography but instead of capturing those moments I want to preserve, I write.

In case you haven’t heard…