Good Will Hunting

Month: June, 2014

#2 shade of black

Why do people seek to be different? Why do they want to stand out from the crowd? 

Why do people want to be special or unique?

Being special is a curse. You will eventually distance from others — not because you weren’t able to relate to them; but because they couldn’t relate to you. They find it difficult to comprehend your perspectives, your thoughts, your decisions, your actions… And, one by one, they will erect a wall around you.


#1 shade of black

Universal peace is unattainable. The world will always be pissed.

How can all of us — every single one of the human population — make peace with others, when we can’t even make peace with ourselves? Think about it — just how many times have we disagreed with ourselves? One too many.

It’s a mental battle.

#WorldPeace #TheWorldisPissed