‘MURDER KILL BABY’ EP by Obedient Wives Club

by ryancheo


Obedient Wives Club got us swooning when they first released the eponymous EP back in 2012. And they are back now! Better and stronger, with their second EP – MURDER KILL BABY. The five brand new tracks will walk you down the memory lane.


The EP kicks off with happy, rhythmic and upbeat ‘Murder Kill Baby’ that had us grooved involuntarily to the melodic tunes. Three minutes later, we were introduced to ‘Razor Wire Love Song’, followed by ‘Requiem for a Lover’ – melancholy paired with nostalgia, perfectly executed with an added element of the keyboard played by the vocalist, YinQi. Any broken-hearted can surely seek solace in this one. The other two tracks ‘Stay Perfect’ and ‘Thousand Years / Broken Heart’ complete MURDER KILL BABY.

Don’t mess with the quintet for they mean serious business. Keith, Sulaiman and the gals have proven to be a thriving band in our shores having played in countless gigs and not too long ago, they took the stage in Fred Perry’s 60th anniversary. It is perhaps the raw originality, creativity, and the tremendous work and effort that entice us to the music they produced. Or possibly, it’s the lyrics that are shrouded in mystery.

It won’t be long before they became better known in our region, and far away from the shores of Singapore. Until then, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

– Ryan Cheo

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