Run Neon Tiger

by ryancheo



“I’m experiencing a plethora of aural fantasy as I’m writing this. Enraptured by well written lines of lyrics accompanied with head-bobbing tunes, and the vocalist’s transcending voice – put it altogether and you’ll get an ‘eargasm’!

Born in 2009, the three-year-old quartet had since shared the stage of Baybeats Festival – Singapore’s very own music festival held annually. Yes, I’d say it’s pretty huge! And they had rolled out tracks that leave us craving for more. The guys are influenced by names which we’re all too familiar with such as The Strokes, The Killers, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. And from there, they play their version of indie pop rock with melodic tunes and guitar-solos that send you on a high!

The word ‘Underrated’ falls in line well with Run Neon Tiger. They haven’t been getting the attention they deserve. Ask if anyone has heard of them and the likely reply would be, “What’s that?” I don’t pity the fact that the band isn’t well-known enough yet, but rather, the people who haven’t had a listen on their music.

Having said so, won’t you take some time off now and join me in this aural fantasy? Let’s go!”

– Ryan Cheo, ActuallyMAG (