Good Will Hunting

#2 shade of black

Why do people seek to be different? Why do they want to stand out from the crowd? 

Why do people want to be special or unique?

Being special is a curse. You will eventually distance from others — not because you weren’t able to relate to them; but because they couldn’t relate to you. They find it difficult to comprehend your perspectives, your thoughts, your decisions, your actions… And, one by one, they will erect a wall around you.


#1 shade of black

Universal peace is unattainable. The world will always be pissed.

How can all of us — every single one of the human population — make peace with others, when we can’t even make peace with ourselves? Think about it — just how many times have we disagreed with ourselves? One too many.

It’s a mental battle.

#WorldPeace #TheWorldisPissed

Random Musings: Dreams

We dream when we’re asleep.

We daydream when we’re awake.

We dream because they keep us alive.

Dreams give us a reason to live, dreams give us hope.

Let’s build our lives around that dream we hold so dearly in our hearts and ignite the passion in us that will fuel us to chase our dreams.

Never lose that feeling…

‘MURDER KILL BABY’ EP by Obedient Wives Club


Obedient Wives Club got us swooning when they first released the eponymous EP back in 2012. And they are back now! Better and stronger, with their second EP – MURDER KILL BABY. The five brand new tracks will walk you down the memory lane.


The EP kicks off with happy, rhythmic and upbeat ‘Murder Kill Baby’ that had us grooved involuntarily to the melodic tunes. Three minutes later, we were introduced to ‘Razor Wire Love Song’, followed by ‘Requiem for a Lover’ – melancholy paired with nostalgia, perfectly executed with an added element of the keyboard played by the vocalist, YinQi. Any broken-hearted can surely seek solace in this one. The other two tracks ‘Stay Perfect’ and ‘Thousand Years / Broken Heart’ complete MURDER KILL BABY.

Don’t mess with the quintet for they mean serious business. Keith, Sulaiman and the gals have proven to be a thriving band in our shores having played in countless gigs and not too long ago, they took the stage in Fred Perry’s 60th anniversary. It is perhaps the raw originality, creativity, and the tremendous work and effort that entice us to the music they produced. Or possibly, it’s the lyrics that are shrouded in mystery.

It won’t be long before they became better known in our region, and far away from the shores of Singapore. Until then, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

– Ryan Cheo

Purchase MURDER KILL BABY now!

Laneway Festival Singapore 2013

If the United States have Coachella, the UK – Glastonbury, then we have Laneway Festival here in South-East Asia, Singapore.

Laneway Festival came to Singapore in 2011 which saw them brought acts like Beach House, Warpaint, The Temper Trap and the following year in 2012 – The Drums, The Horrors, Feist, M83, Chairlift, Girls, Cults amongst many others. It gets bigger and better every year and its popularity grew rapidly in the hearts of indie fans in the region. The festival which is held annually witnessed fans from the around the region (Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand) flooding in and this year was no exception. Music brings unity – no doubt!

It’s only January and I daresay Laneway Singapore had played a big part in my life this year. The line-up was fantastic (as usual) with Of Monsters and Men, Real Estate, Gotye, Kimbra, Bat for Lashes, Alt-J and Tame Impala headlining the festival; not forgetting Kings of Convenience, Nicholas Jaar, Divine Fits, Polica, Cloud Nothings, and Yeasayer.

Tame Impala and Alt-J were awesome! I’d say they were among the best if I have to rate them. Of Monsters and Men were surprising good too! I’m amazed by their live performance.

The only constant reminder that I was present at Laneway was my sunburned skin from the blazing heat during the day. The pain was worth it though. I’m anticipating 2014 already!

Till next year! Cheers!



Some videos from YouTube…

Tame Impala – Elephant

Alt-J – Breezeblocks

Of Monsters and Men – King and Lionheart

Run Neon Tiger



“I’m experiencing a plethora of aural fantasy as I’m writing this. Enraptured by well written lines of lyrics accompanied with head-bobbing tunes, and the vocalist’s transcending voice – put it altogether and you’ll get an ‘eargasm’!

Born in 2009, the three-year-old quartet had since shared the stage of Baybeats Festival – Singapore’s very own music festival held annually. Yes, I’d say it’s pretty huge! And they had rolled out tracks that leave us craving for more. The guys are influenced by names which we’re all too familiar with such as The Strokes, The Killers, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. And from there, they play their version of indie pop rock with melodic tunes and guitar-solos that send you on a high!

The word ‘Underrated’ falls in line well with Run Neon Tiger. They haven’t been getting the attention they deserve. Ask if anyone has heard of them and the likely reply would be, “What’s that?” I don’t pity the fact that the band isn’t well-known enough yet, but rather, the people who haven’t had a listen on their music.

Having said so, won’t you take some time off now and join me in this aural fantasy? Let’s go!”

– Ryan Cheo, ActuallyMAG (


When we were young and free.

We’ve all been through this – most of us. I know I did.

Bob Sheard Talks About How Product Design Should Differentiate

“We can predict the future. Here we make ten predictions about Lifestyle and Performance brands.

Bread & Butter, the world’s largest trade show for street fashion, starts next week. Hundreds of Lifestyle brands will be there from Levis to New Era.

We predict:

One. Most brands will communicate that their brand is the most fashionable.

Two. Most brand design will be centred on validating that strategy by showing their models in a lifestyle portrayal representing the vanguard of fashion or trend evolution.

Three. Most brands will use third-party collaborations in their product design to deliver the notion of “Fashion and Trend Leadership”.

Four. In short, the brand and product design for Lifestyle brands in 2013/14 will be a sea of homogeneity. Homogeneity driven by a common strategy of how to best demonstrate “Fashion and Trend Leadership”

Five. We predict a similar level of homogeneity at the world’s biggest Outdoor Performance trade show, ISPO.

ISPO starts on February 3rd in Munich. Hundreds of Outdoor Performance brands will be there, from Nike to The North Face.

We predict:

Six. Most brands will communicate that their brand can best protect you from the Outdoors.

Seven. Most brand design will be centred on validating that strategy by showing their athlete conquering the Outdoors in some way.

Eight. Most brands will use third-party branded lamination technology in their product design to deliver “Protection”.

Nine. In short, the brand and product design for Outdoor Performance brands in 2013/14 will also be a sea of homogeneity. Homogeneity linked to a common strategy of how they can best “influence” the Outdoors.

Ten. At both fairs, brands will neglect the power that product design has to differentiate.

So how can product design transcend brand homogeneity?

In the case of British institution Doc Martens, Fresh found a brand that had a strong product identity and plenty of customers who felt affinity with it on that basis. However they were struggling because their designers, like the rest of the competition, were making “trend-driven products” for a “fashion-oriented” customer.

Bob Sheard recalls the project.

“They were designing something which they felt represented fashion but in doing so they were trying to chase the high street. It takes 18 months to bring product to the marketplace and you will never “out-fashion” stores such as Topman.”

“We told DMs that they needed to focus on more enduring trends rather than short term “fast fashion”. We advised them to concentrate on longer term cultural trends, provenance and quality.”

“We observed that in DMs case, the key was not to follow the market in adopting “lifestyle and fashion” trends. In fact, it was the exact opposite. Just create honest product and let your consumers create their own meaning.”

Having been a Creative Director at Converse, Bob understood this mechanism well.

“A pair of All Stars are a blank canvas, they get personalised and develop meaning through whoever puts them on and makes them their own. It’S the same as a Dr Martens boot ‚Äì if a copper wears them, they represent order. If a globalisation protester wears them they represent disorder. If a nationalist wears them they represent the far right, however if a socialist wears them they represent the left wing.”

At DMs the brand doesn’t give the product meaning, people do.

In the lifestyle sector DMs is the perfect embodiment of how product design more than brand design can differentiate.

At ISPO there will be another FreshBritain client who above all others will differentiate via product design.

Whilst the Outdoor Performance sector will continue to attempt to “Conquer the Outdoors”, in the case of the enigmatic brand Arc’teryx, their power resides in their ability to design a product that is “Inspired” by the Outdoors, not designed to “Influence” it.

But that is another story….”

– Hypebeast


“In our amazing era of digital immediacy, I can tell the world where I am and what I’m doing while I’m doing it. I can present myself as a busy man living a rich and full life. I can take pictures of my meals, log my locations, snap photos of the people I’m with, and weigh in on what’s happening around the globe 140 characters at a time. But none of these things mean I’ve been paying attention.”

– taken from The Rabbit Room (Click to read the full article)

Food For The Soul

‘Everyone deserves something special’ – This statement becomes bolder and louder when it comes to weekends. Most of us have been working hard on weekdays, be it in school or at work, and we ought to give ourselves credit for that.

So take a moment now (just 2min 45sec) and bask yourself in the brilliance of this tune.

Close your eyes, dim the lights, sit back and enjoy.


I watched you breathe in
And I wished you’d stop
Only for long enough
Long enough


Separate or combine
I ask you
One last time
Did I hold you too tight
Did I not let enough light in


If a feeling appears
If your mind should sway
It’s not a secret you should keep
I won’t let you slip away

We used to be closer than this
We used to be closer than this
We used to get closer than this
Is it something you miss

We used to be closer than this
We used to be closer than this
We used to get closer than this
Is it something you miss

Winged or chained
I ask you
Would you have stayed
Did I hold you too tight
Did I not let enough light in